This is a truly inspirational guy, Noah Galloway one of the new hunks on Dancing with the Stars.  He’s a bit different in a couple of readily visible ways; he’s combat veteran, a single dad and a double amputee.

When I ran across this video, it struck me that this guy has so much going against him yet his attitude is good and he’s a total success.  It’s more than a feel good story, it’s a lesson in courage and perseverance.

from Made Man:

Do you feel that your injury happened for a reason and fueled your mission in life?
Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it. I know able-bodied individuals that don’t use the best of what they have. We should all use what we have and make it work. Now I’m making my injury work for me. I went back to the gym in the hopes of being what I was before, but I think I’m better now. The experiences I’ve had and the way I’ve had to adapt to everything around me, I have a better appreciation of everything.

So whatever it is you’ve got standing in your way, purpose to go over it, under it, or through it.  And do so with a good attitude, yeah?