Sometimes a company just gets it. This Cadillac ELR spot is a prime example of that. It’s luxury marketing genius and that’s why leftist Progs don’t like it. In their world only movie stars and elites get to be wealthy and only then if they’re guilty about it, railing against hard working people who actually earn their money.

If you love working and earning money, if your only limitations are ones that you place on yourself and you know that, if you crave success and think its the just reward for hard work and smart choices, this ad is for you.

If you think every person that lives in a nice home, drives a nice car and takes two vacations a year has stolen their success from you in some zero sum game that’s an evil scheme to keep you down… Well click away from this page, Mm-Kay? You will not like this ad.

Thank you Cadillac. Please keep this up.