Jonathan Silver testified before the House Oversight Committee today. Why does his name sound so familiar? Remember Solyndra? Oh, of course you do.. Silver was the head of the Department of Energy loan program that approved the loan guarantees to Solyndra.

Staffers for the House got an email from a lobbyist at Dickstein Shapiro asking them not to directly question Silver during his testimony today.

Via The Free Beacon:

“If possible … do not direct questions to Jonathan Silver … He’s a
client of my firm … :),” the email read.

Darrel Issa was not pleased:

“I want an explanation from your counsel on why we shouldn’t refer
this to the American Bar Association,” Issa told Silver. “The question
of whether we refer this to the Bar Association, whether in fact it’s
an interference with Congress, which I find it to be, and the like,
will need to be resolved with the ranking member and myself after this

Is there anyone alive that still thinks “We The People” elect our Congress or have any control over them? We might as well direct our emails and phone calls to the lobbyists.