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*Full Video: Black Conservatives on Hannity Show Special #SOTR

Thursday morning I traveled to Fox News in New York to tape the “Hannity” Special: African American Conservatives Townhall”. Here is the video in its entirety. It was wonderful to meet and network with great people! Keep scrolling for shots from the trip. Had a blast!

20130622-082843.jpg [1]

The street scene as I got out of the town car outside News Corp.

20130622-082859.jpg [2]

Waiting to get a badge…

20130622-082913.jpg [3]

20130622-082926.jpg [4]

In the greenroom we got to muggin’ for the camera. That’s Vanessa Lewis [5] and Sonnie Johnson [6] giving pure energy.

20130622-082938.jpg [7]

LOVE this girl! Katrina Pierson [8] kicks liberal butt. Daily.

20130622-082950.jpg [9]

Had so much fun having lunch and getting to know Jen of Tea Party News Network. [10]

20130622-082959.jpg [11]

Look at me getting all Kira Davis-ey!!! Check her out here: Kira Davis [12]

20130622-083010.jpg [13]

Pretty Girl Rock. [14] Nuff said.


Dwayne Dupree known to us all as the NewsNinja2012! [15]

20130622-083022.jpg [16]

One minute until all cameras go live!!!

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 10.09.02 AM







Closing comments….

20130622-083038.jpg [17]

Yes. I see racism here.

20130622-083053.jpg [18]

20130622-083113.jpg [19]

20130622-083127.jpg [20]

View from the Sirius XM Radio station’s 37th floor, going in to do a segment on the David Webb Show. [21]

20130622-083137.jpg [22]

Friday at noon before heading back to St. Louis, I had lunch with two friends and enjoyed the last bit of New York. Look at my sleepy face.

20130622-083152.jpg [23]

This was fantastic.

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