Among other things, Michelle Obama said that you don’t become successful by cutting corners and following your own rules.

Of course Mrs. Obama would never understand what the big idea is with a business owner creating their own rules.  If you create something, you get to decide how it works and if corners need to be cut, in order to reach your goals, and I’m not speaking of law breaking: I’m talking about the myriad of decisions that business owners make on a daily basis.  Mrs. Obama calls those decisions cutting corners.  Business owners call that command and control, profit and loss, running a business.

Her speech was a plaintive plea to lengthen her time in the White House by another four years, because she loves her husband and he’s a nice guy.  That’s great for Michelle, but I’m grading him on his performance as president.  There is no do over and historically speaking, presidents don’t do as well in their second terms as they did in their first.










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So the idea that he will improve his performance by leaps and bounds has no basis in fact.  It sounds mean, but what can President Obama do to improve our lives going forward?  By the looks of things, not much.