By now you have heard the awful news that ObamaCare’s individual mandate was upheld by SCOTUS today through a legal parlor trick: changing the individual mandate into a tax.  While this make very little sense to me, it opens the opportunity for a way out of this horrendous liberty destroying debacle.  Any tax can be repealed.  Votes on tax repeal cannot be filibustered. 

So we must turn our attention to the Third Bite.  The First Bite was the “Shellacking” of the 2010 elections. Those historic wins by the Republicans were fueled by anger over the passage of this bill.  The Second Bite was the earth shattering win in Wisconsin in June.  The Third Bite is what We The People do in the ballot box in November: the Third Bite is our next move.  Making this move will not be easy, because nothing worth copious amounts of time ever is.  

Now back to the ruling…

Three things were accomplished by the cunning nature of Justice Roberts ruling today.

Via Emily Zanotti:

  • Limited the Commerce Clause significantly
  • Limited the Necessary and Proper Clause signficantly
  • Limited the Federal Government’s power to coerce the states into altering their laws.

So, in other words, this court limited the power of the federal government in three key ways, while still receiving the adulation of the President who’s mission it has been to increase the power of the federal government. It may seem genius, but I don’t think that is how the Chief Justice intended for this to happen. 


Though, to be fair, it’s not as bad as it looks. Commerce Clause power has been limited. The government is now forced to own Obamacare as a tax, which they deliberately lied about before, and the liberals have stopped whining about the court being “too political.” So we win.

Any criticism of the court about perceived partisanship is nullified by this ruling.  No more whining and pouting about the unfairness of it all, like the song and dance we were made to endure after the Citizens United thingamajig.  

The ruling sends the whole nasty package back to be rectified by the people’s representatives. And that is where things can get fun.  Obama has said repeatedly that the individual mandate is not a tax.  So many times in fact, that we have a wonderful video via Ben Howe for you:


The beauty of this is that while the President considers this ruling a win, the majority of the American people do not.  In fact most recent polling from Rasmussen has support for the Affordable Healthcare Act at an underwhelming 48%, while 62% of Americans believe that the AFA will cause companies to drop health care insurance.  ObamaCare is not an issue that the Democrats can run on and expect to win.  In fact any time they mention it they have to call it a new tax.

It ain’t all bad news…

One person has benefited mightily from this disastrous day.  Mitt Romney is reporting fundraising of $4.2 million dollars since the announcement.  That’s impressive, and it’s only the beginning.


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