There exists in this universe a wonderful chap named Cory Booker, who is very well educated with degrees from Stanford and Yale Law School.  His claim to fame is his almost complete awesomeness.  He’s young, resourceful, intelligent, and in the minds of those that he has helped; Booker is a hero.  Some of his exploits include: rescuing his neighbor from a house fire, and leading the city of Newark through it’s first murder free month and a significant drop in violent crime.

Since 2006 Booker has served as mayor of this hamlet in the northeast known as Newark.  This is no fairy tale spot.  Tough crime, joblessness, declining population, and a failed education system are just some of the challenges Booker has faced down as a City Councilman and now Mayor.  

Since winning election, Booker has emerged as a rising star in the Democrat party with possible aspirations of a run for Governor of New Jersey on the horizon.  Booker appears on cable news shows offering his opinions and support of President Obama and his policies on a regular basis.  

So it was a true suprise when Booker expressed opposition to the Obama campaign’s latest tactic of attacking private equity firms, namely Bain Capital, in their quest to slow Romney’s rise in presidential polling.

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Cue the Democrat Machine.  In the mainstream media, there was laughter as pundits on the left began to call Booker out.  What is Booker doing criticizing the Obama Campaign?  Yo B!  Have you lost your Dem. talking points?

Behind the scenes, David Axlerod and party leadership pressured Booker to adjust his story, to curtail his comments.  Orders from on high?  Stick to the talking points we gave you son.  Booker’s response was to immediately walk back the comments by shooting a hostage video.  


Essentially, Booker not only walks back his previous comments on how attacking private equity firms is nauseating and wrong.  Booker now encourages said attacks and calls Romney dishonest.  A complete 180.  So, in the 24 hour news cycle, this story garnered tons of laughs, a hashtag game on Twitter (#FreeCoryBooker) and that was that.

Or was it? The latest news is that Bookers long time staffer and Communications Director Ann Torres has resigned.  Although she claims the split is amicable, one has to wonder why now?  Only two credible scenarios present themselves in this tale.  Torres is being forced out, falling on her sword so to speak, because someone has to pay for Bookers attempt at having an opinion of his own and the audacity to speak it on TV.  Or Torres is leaving because there’s no way she’s going to sit by and watch the soul of a self made man like Booker drain out at the behest of the Democrats.

Torres released the following statement: 

“It has been a pleasure to serve in this administration for six years, and as a Newarker, there is no greater reward than to work for the city that you love,” Torres’ statement said. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with an amazing team, and wish the mayor the best.”

Torres’s departure sounds the bell for others in the Democrat party that may be considering a stroll off the plantation.  Don’t do it.  Heads will roll and you will be forced to shoot an uncomfortable hostage video in which you walk back your comments and lose your manhood on camera for thousands to see. 

Or, a trusted friend and advisor who was integral to your rise to power and the success of your office will be terminated like so much trash.  Either way, on the left you will not stray from the talking points.  You will not express a dissenting opinion.  

To all of this I ask: Had enough yet Cory?  You don’t owe Obama anything.  This is still America, and you can still be free.