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Project 21’s Swimp & Washington weigh in on OWS May Day

via Project 21 [1]:

Project 21 [2] spokesman Stacy Swimp [3]put together these comments about the radical celebration of May Day and the contradictions in their words and acts:

Protesters, many aligned with the Occupy Wall Street movement, seek to disrupt American business today in observance of International Workers’ Day (May Day).

Banks in Manhattan received suspicious (albeit non-toxic) powder in envelopes [4].  Businesses were vandalized.  Threats to disrupt commuters have been made.

Stacy Washington [5], a member of the Project 21 black leadership network, says: “The protest plan is to have major nationwide action on May Day to disrupt normal, everyday activities.  It’s attention-seeking behavior at its worst.  Like children throwing a tantrum, they should be ignored.  Without a clear goal, or objective, Occupy protesters are a constant reminder of just what this country does not stand for: rape, destruction of private and public property, filth, violence and disrespect for the American way.”

It is ironic that protesters claim their chaos is “civil disobedience.”   It’s ironic because they are commemorating past activities that promoted lawlessness and socialism.

May Day observes the 1886 Haymarket Riot in Chicago, which ignited after a protester threw dynamite at law enforcement officers who are keeping order during a general labor strike.

On that day, the cops were forced to protect themselves.  Tragically, many of them — along with many of the protesters — lost their lives.  In 1904, at the International Socialist Conference in Amsterdam called for worldwide annual protests to “stop work” and “demonstrate… for the class demands of the proletariat” in memory of the Haymarket violence.

Civil disobedience, in my opinion, is best defined as nonviolent protest of laws that are unjust.  To the contrary, Occupy radicals — from the outset — were documented as being disruptive, disrespectful and malicious in their treatment of private property.  Moreover, at least one woman has allegedly been sexually assaulted at an Occupy camp.

Rather than practicing civil obedience against unjust laws, Occupy protestors seem to show no consideration of the law whatsoever.  And their actions have hardly been nonviolent.

Like the Haymarket protestors in Chicago, they have violently lashed out at their fellow Americans.  Their cause is not a matter of civil disobedience, but is instead a matter of uncivil chaos.




Suprise, suprise, five OWS thugs were planning on bombing [6] a bridge in Ohio today.  Yeah, that OWS is so much like a Tea Party rally, right?

OWS Punk Shot: a couple of dudes take a break from working to put up a sign and enjoy a laugh at the OWS protesters outside not working… Good times.


photo hat tip: @cnservativepunk