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Pro Abortion wacko uses Tim Tebow to raise funds for Planned Unparenthood

Yup. That is exactly what Sophia at the Abortion Gang (I refuse to provide a link for this tripe) is saying.  Ever since Tim Tebow recorded a pro-life commercial extolling the virtue of his mother’s choice not to abort him, the pro aborts have been foaming at the mouth with angst that a mother might choose life for her baby.  Jill Stanek [1] covered the story on her blog, here is the clip directly from the awful Sophia:

A few years back, the-best-person-and-football-player-on-the-planet, Tim Tebow, the savior from The University of Florida, Heisman Trophy winner, 2010 number 25 draft pick, and now savior quarterback for the Denver Broncos, made a commercial [2]. That in and of itself isn’t that surprising, pro-athletes make commercials for all sorts of reasons. Except he wasn’t selling football gear, he was selling anti-choice propaganda. In his commercial (funded by Focus on the Family) he reminded everyone that his mother was a missionary whose life was threatened by her pregnancy – or more specifically, the pregnancy that would turn into the child who would become the man who would become Tim Tebow.

This line of reasoning is not a new one for anti-choice groups. The message is, “if you abort, just think, that could be the next President of the United States in there, the next scientist that cures cancer, or the next greatest football player alive!” In Tebow, the gifted athlete and vocal Christian, anti-choice groups found their perfect hero to prop up; if his mother had done what abortion groups say is acceptable – had an abortion to save her own life- Tebow would not be alive. 


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwccS-TS8tk?rel=0]


So I’m issuing a challenge to you my good Towns People!  Every time Tim Tebow scores a touchdown, say a prayer for a woman facing a very difficult child. Pray that she would seek out the counseling of a Pregnancy Resource Center [3]